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"The £1,395 dress that gives any woman the wow factor: Tory Home Secretary Theresa May models the Roland Mouret dress that will flatter any woman." - By Karen Kay and Amanda Platell for the Daily Mail

Her asymmetrical neckline is God's gift to the older woman. A hint of fulsome breasts, yet nothing so tacky as a crinkly old cleavage. Women of a certain age all understand this is one of the areas that ages first. A scarf or décolletage-concealing necklace is so obviously an admission of the remorseless march of time.

But the slight plunge into the softness of a pale shoulder was an absolute triumph. And that was just from the front. When she turned, there was that z-z-zip.

There's something about the suggestiveness of a zip - it hints at promise, of how easily that dress becomes a scrap of fabric on the bedroom floor.

But just as her speech revealed her inner political steel, so, too, was there a message about her capability for leadership and her ability to connect with real women.


When you’re dressing for a big occasion, you need to look fabulous from all angles. Making a great exit is just as important as your entrance.

This zip ensures you remember the wearer long after she’s left the stage. It also takes the place of statement jewellery: Mrs May is wearing only discreet little earrings, bracelet and rings, and this zip adds a touch of metallic glamour.

It’s also a very sexy detail: you can’t help but wonder what would happen if you pulled it all the way down. Mrs May is making it clear that she still perceives herself to be a woman very much in her prime.

So often women in power resort to dressing like men, but Mrs May is obviously very comfortable being a woman in the political spotlight.

From Daily Mail.com | http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3264149/The-1-395-dress-gives-woman-wow-factor-Tory-Home-Secretary-Theresa-models-Roland-Mouret-dress-flatter-woman.html#ixzz3pOwvOnJ3