Restyle Your Old Clothes with Studs

Posted by Botani on 8/22/2016 to Fashion Hardwares
There are so many ways to revive or restyle old clothes. Putting studs would be one way to look fashionable and recycle your old clothes. Not even clothes, you can revive old shoes as well. 

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You will create your own design; you have got an opportunity to own something that you have a hand in creating. Before you take a step into, you need to consider few things. You need to find studs easy to work with. Consider material, weight, finished, and shapes. You might have many different variations of your choices depends on your fabric, leather, etc. Consider your origin clothes, bags, or shoes first. 

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Let me introduce our studs. We have two different types of material: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and metal. ABS is known as Ramponi studs from Italy. It is very high-end and high-quality products. Most luxurious and designer brands such as Valentino used Ramponi studs. It is very light weight and easy to apply with either screws or glues on. Other types are all made by metal, also known as rivets. We have got many different styles of rivets. Also, you might consider Spikes as well. Do not hesitate to broaden your ideas. Take a look and shop now with Botani Studs

ABS Ramponi Studs from Italy: RAMPONI

Metal Studs: RivetSpikes