About Zippers

Super Lampo Zipper

Perfect synthesis between high technology and love for craftsmanship, Superlampo is the result of the Lanfranchi long experience in zippers making, aimed at the excellence in its business. The careful choice of materials, the high quality of the finishings, the unparalleled smoothness satisfying both the look and the touch, make Superlampo a must for high and very high quality dresses. Superlampo is the outcome of an exclusive working process, where each element is polished separately; its design enhances the quality of the most glamorous garments


* Please note that Lampo Sliders must be sold along with Lampo zippers. however, Pullers can be sold alone

How to measure length

Zippers are measured from the metal at the top to the metal at the bottom of the zipper.

Teeth Dimensions for Super Lampo Metal Zipper

Zipper Types

Color on Color & Metallic Coil Zippers

The today's swift fashion requests zippers able themselves to set the trend without any compromise on reliability. Lanfranchi responds with a range of coil zippers, from sizes suitable to hard use such as the metallic coils to sizes suitable to glamorous styles such as the color on color, such as the S4 zips with spun polyester tape, the ideal partner for trendy and soft fabrics garments. The vertical integration and the wish for novelty helped to develop a winning blend of colors between tapes, coil and sewing threads.

Teeth Dimensions for Color on Color Coil Zipper

Teeth Dimensions for Metallic Coil Zippers

Molded Zippers

A lightweight zip, able to link elegance and service, recommended for easy and smart garments. Open to the evolution of the creativity, it is an active party to style, glamour and quality. Highly appreciated the exclusive Lampo Glass made of special material with crystal clear transparency, brilliant and cool.

Teeth Dimensions for Molded Zipper