About Buttons

How to Buy Buttons

Buttons are one of ways to upgrade your outfits stylishly. There are so many styles from shell, leather, wood, metal, and fabric covered.
The first step to buy a button is to decide the size of button. The button size chart will guide you to find a right size.
In general, standard sizes would be:

  • Sleeve Buttons: between 16L to 20L
  • Shirt buttons: between 20L to 24L
  • Suit jacket buttons: between 36L to 40L

However, the sizes are depends on the style of buttons such as flatted or domed. And also, buttonholes would be concerned.
Button Size Chart

Basically, button types can be categorized two holes, four holes, and shank.

  • Two Holes
  • Four Holes
  • Shank: A button with a loop in the back